Labyrint Světa
J. A. Comenius: Labyrinth of the World

Welcome, pilgrim in the labyrinth of the virtual world! Stop and spend a fleeting while in your life at our place, going back to the times, when healthy legs, or a good horse were more important for travelling than just several clicks. In fact, that is the main task of this website and our work in general. History in our version is viewed not just as a scientific discipline but as a reality which you can experience and live yourself. Though the ground of this site is commercial, my intentions with the presentation are wider – the contents should provoke interest in history in general. For those who are interested in swordfighting it should not only offer information, (There are many books and websites full of exact data) but mainly a topic to think, how to sort theese often contradictory informations to make oneself clear concerning specific details of your job or hobby.

Hieronimus Bosch: Pedlar
Hieronimus Bosch: Pedlar

Seeing the facts about history, it is interesting to realise, how often they have something to do with wars, fighting, conquering, killing etc. Try to check your knowledge and remember some data which you lernt at school – sure you will recall something like: battle of XY, conquering YZ Empire, execution of the House of XZ, murder of king AB, defeat of CD Kingdom… eg. moments when the flow of history was determined by cruelty, violence and blood. It is interesting to follow this line to the past, if nothing else, at least because of learning that we should change this and the future generations thinking about us this way would recall: peace agreement between A and B, cancelling borders between C and D, disarmament of EF, ending long-lasting disagreement between G and H…

Bitva U Kresčaku
Battle of Crécy

This is the main reason and inspiration of my project “WEAPONS FOR JOY” with which I want to contribute to improve the chances of mankind to survive at least one more millenium. Have a look at our website, or anywhere around you and think how much human work and intellect was dedicated to improve methods of efficiently killing our neighbours. Maybe one day the same (hopefully even more) amount of work and energy will be used to support people and life in general. Hopefully, one day even the powerful people of this world will realise, that a good landlord makes good to his land, and does not destroy it…

Ing. Jiří Kronďák