About production

figting swords

Almost all of our products are replicas inspired by historical originals typical for their own specific historical period and location. For construction and production of our goods we prioritize modern use (i.e. sporting duels, choreographed usage) over pure historical accuracy. Except of few designs, our production generally doesn’t include perfectly accurate replicas of actual weapons and also used technology is in most cases different from historical techniques used for weapon making. Our production is however reasonably historically accurate concerning looks, size, weight and balance and as such are made for accurate reconstruction of historical fighting techniques. Safety of use is one of our main priorities – blunted edges, minimal risk of breakage or chipping of the blade etc… So to put it simply we make weapons for joy, not for terror or suffering.

rennaisance swordsWe offer specialized products for:

  • Reenactment of historical battles
  • Stage fencing, stunt use
  • Historical european martial arts – HEMA
  • Contact fighting sport – HMB, IMCF
  • Eastern martial arts
  • Artistic performance
  • Sword replica collecting
  • Recreating of historical coinage

custom swordsCustom Production

We have no issues at all with making a weapon that is not presented in our catalog according to wishes, eventually customer’s own design. Basically there are two variants of custom production. Fistly modification of design already present in our catalog (different crossguard, pommel, basket etc.) or completely original design, not alike anything offered in our catalog. Naturally this presents wide range in price calculation. From unchanged catalog price to several times of that price especially in case of very exotic design. So we implore our customers to carefully consider rentability of your order. We can also make custom weapons with sharp blades, but take into consideration that type of steel used in our produce is optimized for blunted weapon fights. As such we cannot offer optimal parameters as specialized materials used for knives and tools do.

custom weaponsDecoration

We offer several kinds of decoration. Typical example would be etching your name, coat of arms or motto on the blade. Etching or engraving is also possible for pommels or other parts of the weapon. Historical patination is also one of options we offer and we also offer coating the parts with different materials such as brass, tin or nickel.


kovarTechnical Information

In our production of blades we use hot working methods (smithing, rolling), rough grinding, hardening and tempering, final grinding and applying finish. For our blades we use 14260 ČSN steel (54SiCr6 according to european norms). This material is used for springs exposed to high impact stress such as train suspension or valve springs in engines. Our blades are hardened to approximately 50 HRC (Rockwell), which ensures good impact resistance as well as high and long lasting impact value, which means minimal risk of breakage. Probability of the blade chipping and shards of the material separating from the blade is reduced to minimal as well.

brus willisFor other parts of the weapons we use common construction steel or non-ferrous materials. On non-metal side of our production we use hardwood, textile, leather and even synthetic materials. For custom work we can also include bone, horn, antlers or other organic and mineral materials.

The most recognizable feature of our swords is the brazing of the pommel to the tang of the blade. This detail in conjunction with our hilt construction creates maximally durable and repairable whole. On several types of swords (fe. Rapiers) a pommel on a screw is used.

platnerArmor Production

As it is with our weapons, our armor production also focuses on modern practical use. Its construction and durability is designed for maximizing mobility and maximal field of view more, than protection of the wearer from attack that is carried out with the intent to harm or kill him – be it with close combat weapon, bow or crossbow or firearm. Our armor is made from 1.5 mm deep-drawing steel sheets and as such we cannot recommend them for use in more extreme uses such as HMB style of combat. We do not make the armors made of hardened steel with some exceptions, mainly umbos and bucklers. Inner lining and padding of the helmets and armor is very individual thing and because of that we leave those details to our customers.

musketaWhat We Don’t Make

We sadly must refuse some of our custom orders be it for reasons technological, legal or ethical. For your convenience we publish the comprehensive list of the products we can’t or won’t offer you.

  • Firearms and their parts – Special license is needed for this production, which our company doesn’t have
  • Tactical weapons, survival gear, work tools, bayonets, machetes, traditional cutlery, concealed assault weapons (fe. cane swords)
  • Jewel grade decorations, precious metal products
  • Restoration of antique weapons – Restoration is a highly specialized area of expertise requiring very specific skills, tools and materials. This means that person without the required resources runs a risk of irreparably damaging the item and devalue it as a historical piece. So please don’t ask us to repair your grandpa’s sabre or to “polish” a piece you found while cleaning the attic.
  • Repairs and other work on replicas not produced by our company. We can’t in good conscience agree to requests such as “Please do harden and temper the blade my friend made for me a few years back.” Technologically we are capable of fulfilling such requests, but as we have no control over material and production methods prior to your request we can’t guarantee results of such work.
  • Torture devices, execution devices and gear for a suspect rituals. – Here we have an ethical problem. As stated several times before, our products are made for enjoyment and entertainment of our customers as well as others, not to cause harm or satisfy some deviant urges.