About us

Our firm is interested in making replicas of armours and arms for the needs of historical sword fighting and living history performances as well as for all the other people interested in this kind of products. Our production is accompanied with production of goods connected to this field – coin replicas, costume accessories, and small objects for decoration. Its establishing was based on previous hobby-activities and experience in “professional” production carried out in the form limited by the communist regime as a special economic activity of a “Union for the Cooperation with the Army (Svazarm)” unit. Our company has fully developed after 1989.

Ing. Jiří Kronďák
Ing. Jiří Kronďák

Our firm continuously widens up the production according to custommers’ demands, adjusts the production to current needs, and offers not only the presentation of products but using traditional technological procedure and in some fields (eg. coinage) even real-time presentation of the original technologies.

Currently there is the firm’s official seat and sample-presenting shop in Prague and a workshop in the region of Chomutov (CZ). The firm employs about 10 regular employees and the same number of contract suppliers.

There is no problem to visit both our workplaces (most preferably after a previous arrangement by email or phone) and discuss everything that you might be interested in or see our workplaces and our products.

During the season we try to visit historic festivals, meetings of historic sword-figting teams and living history fans, reconstruction of historical battles and tournaments, historic feasts of towns and cities ect. Of course we do this in both the czech Republic and other European countries. You can decide to see us there and have a detailed look at our production.